Holistic Advice

Newman Jiang's approach to authentic wealth management provides the framework that we use to build all plans. It has three key elements:


  • We recommend a long-term investment approach
  • Wealth protection and growth are equally considered
  • Client portfolios take individual risk profiles, needs, and objectives into account
  • Oversight from a seasoned, expert, and experienced Investment Committee

Well-thought-out, appropriate recommendations are arrived at after conducting detailed research. Consultations with highly experienced in-house and out-of-house investment specialists reinforce the strength of our research. As a result, all investments that we recommend are aligned with your overall financial plan, address your needs and requirements, and keep you on the right track to achieving your goals.

  • Steered by highly qualified, experienced senior advisors
  • Our collaborative approach to teamwork ensures contribution from all areas of our in-house expertise
  • Preparation of clear and practical modeling and programs
  • Being independent guarantees impartial research and guidance

As a client, you are always the focus and at the center of our collaborative process. We are convinced that our all-embracing planning will bring reassurance to your financial life.

  • Building relationships with family members, trustees, and other professional advisors
  • Guidance and education around financial responsibilities associated with inheriting wealth and multi-generational legacy planning
  • Promotion of straightforward, open, and two-way discussion

By involving those individuals who play an important role in your financial affairs, you become the pivot around which your family's future financial well-being is centered and the focal point for a united team of professionals working together to achieve your goals.

How We Work

Dedicated Senior Adviser

Creating a clear and practical financial plan can only be achieved by understanding what matters most to you and establishing your ambitions, needs, and requirements.

Your dedicated senior adviser supports you in the process and works as the financial partner to you and your family over the long term.

Team Dynamic

Having undertaken a thorough assessment of your current financial circumstances, we utilize a team dynamic to create financial solutions. Your senior adviser draws on the collective expertise and contributions of other highly qualified specialists, and together, they discuss and design your financial strategy before presenting a recommendation to you.


Change is the law of life, so frequent reviews and regular communication are a critical part of maintaining our relationship with you. The frequency and extent of these interactions will depend on your circumstances, life changes, and individual preferences. Whatever change happens in your life, we are here to make sure that your finances stay on the right track and adapt to accommodate your new circumstances.


To ensure we have the capacity to handle what are often complex client requirements, we maintain a staff-to-client ratio that is higher than the industry standard. This above-average staffing level reflects the significance we place on:

  • utilizing the collective knowledge pool of all our highly talented team members
  • providing all-embracing financial guidance
  • delivering exceptional service

Being independent, we only recommend the most appropriate strategies and financial solutions to address your needs.


All Newman Jiang team members work collaboratively and follow the moral and physical guidelines of our PRACTICAL Core Values. These reflect our commitment to ensuring that clients always remain our key focus:

  • P


  • R


  • A

    Added Value

  • C


  • T

    Team Orientated

  • I


  • C


  • A


  • L

    Leaders In Our Industry