About Us

Newman Jiang was founded on one simple principle.

Our detailed client knowledge is a big help to other expert professionals.

We believe that our clients, big or small, should experience more from the Wealth Management company they use than a fixation with the amount each has invested. That is why at Newman Jiang, we offer more.

Our approach is more holistic, more sweeping, and incorporates your future life goals and core relationships.

Our Story

Our CEO, Martin Newman founded Newman Jiang in 2012. Disenchanted with the standard practices employed throughout the wealth management sector, he believed there had to be a better way to deliver expert advice. He felt that developing closer relationships with fewer clients and truly understanding what motivates them, what causes them sleepless nights, and how they plan to live out their lives should be the priority. This insight provides the foundations upon which the most suitable, bespoke wealth management services can be built.

Over time, our company has expanded the number of staff and the clients we care for. However, we have been mindful to ensure that our founding principles are not eroded as the business grows, and we still maintain a high staff-to-client ratio.

Our senior management team fully supports the continual professional development of all who work at Newman Jiang and reinforces our corporate belief in delivering exemplary service.

Authentic Wealth Management

We consider that 'wealth management' is often used to exaggerate the services being offered and is frequently used to describe investment management and nothing else.

This is why we describe the Newman Jiang approach as being Authentic Wealth Management.

We aim to build deep and meaningful relationships and immerse ourselves in your life goals, challenges, and expectations.

That insight is the foundation that guides our financial planning efforts and the advice we offer.

The Newman Jiang Authentic Wealth Management approach has three central features, and taking them fully into account allows us to deliver a holistic and all-encompassing service.

All-Encompassing Financial Planning

  • Guided by highly knowledgeable and experienced advisors with the support of experts in specialist fields.
  • We employ a collaborative, collective approach to financial analysis and the provision of solutions that address your important life choices.
  • Our processes are systematic and orderly and guarantee that all planning is carried out as efficiently as possible. We believe it is critical to reflect other activities' impact on your financial life, so we consider all areas of your life and circumstances.

Investment Guidance

  • After assessing the most suitable investment strategy, our expert and experienced team undertake detailed research.
  • In consultation with our Investment Committee, your senior adviser designs a portfolio that best matches your needs and risk tolerance.
  • Investments are systematically monitored, and adjustments are made, when necessary, with as much importance thought being given to wealth preservation as to growth.

Management Of Core Relationships

  • We take a holistic approach.
  • We will work closely with your other professional advisors, such as your accountants and legal team. We may also involve trustees or family members, who are necessary as the outside influences we consider are not always financial.
  • Gaining this oversight adds force to our commitment to make sure that your life challenges and financial plans are not addressed as standalone issues, as they need to be considered with the benefit of seeing the 'whole picture.

Connecting Professionally

Professional Relationships

Our detailed client knowledge is a big help to other expert professionals.

As part of the overall wealth management proposition, we are likely to recommend that clients engage the services of a local lawyer or accountant if they do not already have one. Having an up-to-date will and tax affairs that are in good order are essential in achieving the best financial results.

Our detailed knowledge of the client and their financial affairs can ensure everyone works from a mutually agreed strategic approach when collaborating with external advisors, such as lawyers or tax specialists.

Newman Jiang

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