The Changing Phases Of Life

While you are still in the phase of building the value of your assets, growth is the natural priority. As retirement approaches, less risk will likely be tolerated, and stability more highly valued. Whichever phase in the journey through life you are currently in or about to enter, our experienced Newman Jiang advisors will support and guide you.

Newman Jiang aims to help you enjoy your assets and get more of what you want out of all phases of your life.

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Planning Your Financial Life

Your financial life is not the same as anyone else's. There may be similarities and overlap, but each person faces unique challenges and has to address their own circumstances and situation. Therefore, to create a plan that uniquely addresses you, your ambitions, and your goals, we must take the time to get to know you.

We conduct planning that encompasses all areas of your finances, including pre-and post-retirement, ensuring financial stability in your later years.

The lives we live change and evolve over the years, sometimes quickly and sometimes more gradually. Whatever your situation, regular reviews and updating plans for the future ensure we remain on track to provide you with total financial reassurance for life.

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Planning Your Retirement

Retirement is a time of great change, both personally and financially. Of course, you have more free time, but do you have the financial power to enjoy all the activities you would like to? Early and careful planning can ensure your later years are lived without financial limitations.

Retirement planning can be complex and involve considerable tax consequences that should be reviewed with local professionals, familiar with the laws, rules, and allowances available wherever you live. Wherever possible, we discuss your retirement planning with your other advisors to ensure all allowances are fully utilized and unnecessary tax is not incurred.

Planning For Tax

Similar to the situation with pensions, laws, rules, and allowance surrounding taxes vary widely in different countries and are subject to change. Therefore, it is important you engage the services of a professional tax adviser in your jurisdiction, who we will liaise with, to make sure you are best positioned.

Taxation can significantly impact your financial plans, wealth accumulation, and even legacy and inheritance plans, so serious attention should be given to the matter.

Your investments can be arranged to mitigate tax liabilities, although considerations to prevent tax can seriously impact the growth or value of investments made, so they may not override investment considerations. If needed, we will discuss specific situations where this is a concern with you and your tax adviser.

Planning Your Legacy

Planning your legacy involves more than your finances and which assets you want to leave to which beneficiary. It represents who you are, what impact you want to leave down the generations, and not least, how you want to be remembered.

There are also taxation considerations that can severely impact the value of assets your beneficiaries and loved ones receive. Early planning, gifts, and trust funds are some of the tools available to ensure your family receives the most benefit possible and ensure your assets are distributed in line with your wishes.

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Being prepared so that unexpected and unforeseen events do not derail your financial plans is integral to protecting your assets and authentic wealth management. While we do not directly offer insurance services, we can help you identify areas of need and refer you to quality insurance providers.

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Business Owners

We have supported many business owners and helped them manage their financial challenges during our years in business. This experience has provided us with substantial insight, enabling us to act as a confidential sounding board as part of the planning process.

Business Owners