The individuals, corporations, and families that use the services of Newman Jiang come to us because they often have complex financial circumstances. Due to the extra demands placed on our team members to maintain such exceptional service levels while managing such complexity, we have a higher than average staff-to-client ratio.

We enjoy a team approach to creating, developing, and implementing financial solutions.

Newman Jiang
Newman Jiang

Our Approach

We are a privately owned and managed, totally independent, private wealth management company. Therefore, anyone applying to join our team must have the required qualifications and relevant experience for the position they seek, unless it is at the trainee level.

However qualified, experienced, and talented the applicant, everyone must be willing to adopt our team approach.

Our Values

In line with our values, all team members at Newman Jiang work collaboratively, openly, and honestly. These are P.R.A.C.T.I.C.A.L. and reflect our dedication to ensuring that clients are always our number one priority:

We study each sector and geographic area to establish the most advantageous allocation of assets. This decision can change as circumstances alter in real-time and is reviewed in regular Investment Committee meetings where our long-term macro views are considered alongside shorter-term opportunities.

Newman Jiang

Newman Jiang P.R.A.C.T.I.C.A.L. Values

Our professional actions are demonstrated by our competence, skills, attitude, and experience throughout all interactions with clients and those we are in contact with. In addition, we expect our team members to show great character in all their actions, both inside and outside of the office.

All team members are responsible for their actions without the need for direct supervision, especially regarding data protection and the security of private and personal information. All team members are empowered to act independently, understanding that their actions can be justified and individual responsibility is taken for the results of those actions.

Through an exhaustive selection process, we ensure that all new members that join our team bring added value. Diversification of backgrounds, nationality, upbringing, and thinking brings fresh ideas and helps us improve our systems and procedures. It also gives us a workforce that more accurately reflects, understands, and identifies with the widely diverse nature of our client base.

Not accepting the status quo is essential in enabling us to deviate from the herd mentality and seek alternatives to the established ways of doing things, especially when better options exist. With the advancement of technology, there are always improvements to be made in systems, processes, how we interact with others, and improvements in our environmental impact. We encourage input from all members of the team.

While individual empowerment is encouraged, we are at heart, one big team. Therefore, all team members from all levels of the organizational structure must respect each other and work together to bring benefit to the company and the clients we represent. By sharing experiences, knowledge, and ideas, we constantly strive to improve the delivery of our services.

We have no outside shareholders or formal ties to parent financial organizations, product providers, or external interests. As a result, we can select from the entire universe of financial products and remain unbiased in our research and advice. In addition, we receive no kickbacks or other incentives for recommending one company's services or products over those over another.

Without clients, we have no business. We fully understand this and highly appreciate those who entrust us with their financial well-being and the management of their investments. We take our responsibility to always act in clients' best interests very seriously and strive to treat the management of their wealth in the same way we would hope to be treated if we entrusted another organization with our hard-earned personal funds.

We mention authenticity regularly. We do this because we believe we should act in the way we say we are going to act, provide the level of service we say we will provide, deal with client inquiries and concerns respectfully and transparently, without obfuscation or hiding behind jargon. In addition, we believe authentic wealth management should incorporate the whole range of protections and services that ensure financial well-being for clients for the present, the future, and future generations.

While we respect our peers and can learn much from how they conduct themselves and their businesses, accepting the status quo, or established way of doing things is not always the best way for the modern client. Many established actions and processes are founded in history. While many still have value in today's marketplace, many can be improved, and new ways of operation can be found. We intend to remain at the forefront of change for the better.


We build close and personal relationships with our clients, their families, and their external advisors and are expected to understand their life goals, challenges, and demands completely. The nature of our close-touch service means that our company's growth is accelerated through relationship referrals and introductions. As a result, our team members tend to remain in our employment for many years, which our clients appreciate.

We always welcome approaches from highly qualified applicants looking to take the next step to develop their careers.

Current Vacancies

If you have relevant experience and are looking for an upgrade in terms of challenge and opportunity, we currently have vacancies for:


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How to apply

Applications are welcomed from individuals and from agencies on behalf of suitable candidates.

Please email us with your CV and a cover letter to: