Connecting Professionally

Managing relationships is a key component of Newman Jiang's authentic wealth management

The lives and circumstances of our clients vary widely but are often complex and multi-faceted. Therefore, to better understand the whole financial landscape, we work collaboratively with their tax, legal and other external teams.

Newman Jiang

Knowing Clients Better

Newman Jiang's collaborative way of working adds significant value and benefit to clients, who can rest assured that we will work with their other advisors to ensure their best interests are always the focus of our actions. We intend our relationships with our clients to endure and hope they engage our services for many years.

One way to promote this longevity is to create an environment that encourages close working relationships, transparency, and free discussion. Honesty and openness are essential to truly understanding each other.

As the authentic wealth management services we offer encompass all aspects of financial planning and investment management, it is essential we can freely discuss issues that are sometimes sensitive, or people are reluctant to discuss.

This reluctance is sometimes compounded by the involvement of family members, for example, when discussing legacy and inheritance planning. Hence, we understand how to approach these subjects delicately while still gaining the information needed to offer appropriate suggestions and recommendations.

The inclusion of multi-generational planning is an integral aspect of wealth preservation. We can help educate future generations to ensure they understand the responsibilities involved in being the custodian of family wealth.

As professional advisors, our focus remains on providing the best, most sensible advice, support, and guidance to our clients through building close relationships with them and their other advisors.

Newman Jiang

Our Relationships With Other Professionals

Having a thorough knowledge and understanding of a client's unique situation is also helpful to their other advisors, especially when it is recommended that they engage the services of a new legal or tax adviser who doesn't already know them.

For example, when setting up a trust is advisable, a qualified professional specializing in that area will be tasked with the details of setting it up and perhaps updating or drafting a new will. By working closely with these other professionals, we can ensure all aspects of the client's finances are catered for and that we, as advisors, are all working towards the same goals.

Creating Opportunities

To sustain quality relationships and continue working with clients over long periods, sometimes across generations, we maintain a higher than average staff-to-client ratio. This high staffing level reflects our desire to provide a quality of service that sets us apart from our peers.

Our reputation is something we value highly, having taken many years to build it, so those we refer our clients to, for services such as tax, also need to have that same commitment to client relationships and delivering quality service.

Business growth by adding new clients frequently comes from referrals and introductions from existing relationships, such as exiting or former clients or their other advisors. For this reason, it is essential we only refer and engage the service of external advisors that are like-minded in their approach to client service.

They will be experienced working with high-net-worth individuals and families and understand and appreciate the value of close professional relationships with clients.

Newman Jiang