Whether accumulated gradually over several generations or recently created, most people want to protect their wealth for their future and the benefit of their family and future generations.

We pay as much attention to preserving wealth as we do enhancing it, and robust investment advice is a central function of our wealth management proposition. Our experienced and talented investment team is committed to providing suitable, appropriate and unbiased investments that ensure both aspects are addressed.

Our Investment Committee decides our investment selections and asset allocations. They bring the collective knowledge and insight of many decades of investment experience and ensure your investments are in the best possible hands to grow and protect your wealth.

Newman Jiang

Investment Selection

We research and monitor the markets to ensure relevant exposures and opportunities are acted upon. In addition, macro views are explored, taking into account global economies, country-specific vulnerabilities, and market sectors.

Narrowing down the universe of available equities, funds, ETFs, bonds, and alternative investment opportunities to a selection that we are interested in and discarding the ones we don't wish to pursue further is a considerable undertaking. It takes teamwork, excellent communication, and recognizing opportunities quickly - before the masses. We analyze and research each potential opportunity for the upside and the downside before investing. This includes an in-depth analysis of relative returns versus the industry and sector in which they operate.

Newman Jiang

Allocation Of Assets

The most significant driver of returns, by some margin, is where investments are allocated. However, market timing and stock selection also play a role in overall returns.

We study each sector and geographic area to establish the most advantageous allocation of assets. This decision can change as circumstances alter in real-time and is reviewed in regular Investment Committee meetings where our long-term macro views are considered alongside shorter-term opportunities.

Risk Management

Considering downside possibilities is considered alongside growth potential, and we approach risk depending on what is appropriate for you, bearing your objectives and tolerances for risk in mind.

Client Portfolios

Each portfolio's constitution and asset allocation differ with each client's needs, wants, and objectives. All portfolios are specifically tailored to align with those prerequisites. Portfolios range from high-risk all-out growth to low-risk income generators and all stages.

Newman Jiang

Investment Committee

The Newman Jiang Investment Committee meets monthly to review investment performance and factors behind recent portfolio movements. Current and emerging trends are discussed, and assessments of portfolio positioning are decided on. These decisions depend on current macro views and short-term opportunities that arise out of market volatility, geopolitical circumstances, and market over-excitement. Our Investment Committee brings together the expertise and experience of senior members of our internal team along with invited external attendees.