Guidance For Those Who Want Financial Independence From Their Business.

Whether early, semi, or immediate retirement is on your mind, taking the first step can be the most difficult. After spending so long building a business, letting go can be a complicated process, and the daily operational demands can leave little time to consider the future.

Our goal at Newman Jiang is to help owners step away and gain financial independence from their businesses, which is a move that takes careful personal and financial planning.

Newman Jiang

Trusted Counsellor

Raising the issue of retirement or disposal of a business with those who have close ties or vested interests in its future is not always easy. Trying to balance the continued well-being of the company and keeping staff motivated while planning a new future can be challenging.

This is where the knowledge we have gained and the time we have spent over many years talking to business owners about their challenges can help you. We call on this experience to act as your trusted counselor or be a shoulder to lean on. Creating an environment where you are comfortable enough to discuss your thoughts, concerns, and objectives is an essential element of our service.

Newman Jiang


Careful planning of the tax consequences of your departure can save you, your partners, and your family a lot of money and the headaches that disputes may cause. In addition, careful thought and guidance can provide a more precise route to your exit.

Business Continuity

Have you made plans as to the consequences and impact on your business in the event of your untimely death or that of a key partner?

Without planning, an unexpected death will most certainly leave your family, beneficiaries, and business partners with ownership, valuation, and other challenges. We can help you prepare for such eventualities and alleviate potential conflict points that could happen between your beneficiaries and business partners. For example, if yours is a family business, careful planning can take away the additional conflict that can arise between family members.

Health Insurance

Like the consequences that an unexpected death can have on running a business, severe or long-term illness can cause as much, if not more, uncertainty. For example, how long will you be away from the office, will there be additional medical costs at the same time as your income is reduced, and who will run the business in your absence? These are a few of the questions that need to be answered in advance.

Several different insurance routes are available to cover the financial impacts of illness, and we can help direct you on the appropriate levels of cover.

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Cash deposits can be one issue that is sometimes put to one side to 'look at tomorrow' when running a business. Perhaps dormant in low-interest accounts and being eroded by inflation, it always makes sense to get the highest returns possible on balances available after operational considerations and immediate cash needs are accounted for.

Newman Jiang

The First Step

Discussing your challenges with an experienced senior adviser can be an invaluable first step in moving forward to the next phase of your life.

  • Is there a succession plan already in place?
  • Are you looking to gradually exit your business as you pass on the responsibilities?
  • Do you want your cash to work harder?

Whatever your situation, we can offer you advice and pass on the experiences of others who have been there before.